Slip Stitch Knitting 30 in the round

Honeycomb Slip Stitch Knitting, easy to knit in the round
Diamond Honeycomb #SlipStitchPattern  Easy To Knit in the round

How to knit the K1 uls.
Take the right-hand needle under the slipped threads, then pick up the next st on the left-hand needle and knit this st and the slipped threads together.
Cast on a multiple of 6 sts.
Rounds 1-2: *Sl3 wyif, p3, repeat from *.
Rounds 3-4: Knit.
Round 5: K1, *k1 uls, k5, repeat from * to last 5 sts, k1 uls, k4.
Round 6: Knit.
Rounds 7-8: * P3, sl3 wyif, repeat from *.
Rounds 9-10: Knit.
Round 11: K4, *k1 uls, k5, repeat from * to last 2 sts, k1 uls, k1.
Round 12: Knit.
Repeat rounds 1-12.
Slip Stitch Knitting 30 chart

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